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Gardening is a main mechanics of Alchemy Garden.

Where your Garden can be placed[]

Both the initial house and all the houses available for purchase, have a plot of land attached. Here you can let your imagination and creativity run free, and turn it into a beautiful decorative garden or an alchemy garden where you can harvest the plants that you'll use as ingredients in your potions. For now it's only possible to create a garden in these plots.

What do you need[]

To start creating your garden you need 3 essential objects: a hoe, a seed and a watering can.

  • First - The Hoe: When you use the hoe a small mound of earth will appear as a guide to indicate where the seed can be planted. When you have chosen the right place, just one left click will be enough to settle.
  • Second - The Seed: One seed per mound. When you hold the seed and approach the mound, you'll see a simulation of the grown plant, so you can check it before planting. If it convinces you, with a confirmation left click it'll be planted. A sprout will be shown.
  • Third - The Watering Can: All sprouts need water to grow! To water, approach with the watering can and keep the left mouse button pressed until the you shift the arrow from dry to watered (light blue section). Be carefull not to overwater a plant (purple colored section). Some sprouts will need more time and water to grow than others. You may see if a sprout needs water when the whater drop icon is hovering above the sprout. To fill the watering can, go next to the river and fill it by left clicking.

There is no grid system for planting seeds, so you can easily make flower beds with different shapes.