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Alchemy is a main mechanic of Alchemy Garden.

What do you need

Alchemy table can be bought in Pop the Traveller's Shop
In order to create potions, you'll need an Alchemy Table. It can be purchased by completing the initial missions, crafted on a workbench, or buying it in Pop the Traveler's store, in the town center. It can only be placed indoors.

How to use Alchemy Table

Brewing potions.jpg
Brewing potions
Interact by pressing the E key. A formula book with the common potions will appear on the right, and 4 slots on the center of the table.

Potion components must be placed in the upper three slots and log in the lowest one in order to brew the mixture. If reactive text appears, a potion will result. If it's non-reactive there's no possible mixture. You can discover up to 12 potions experimenting with the different components.

The potions you create may have different uses: you can earn some gold by selling them in your store, you may need them to complete quests, or you can drink them and experience their effects (stamina burst, move faster, levitate...). The higher the potion degree, the longer its effects will last.

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